Wednesday, November 2, 2016


 be grateful for this experience of life
for every breath is the miracle God makes 
manifesting this spirit of creation in you
bringing you a chance to live with this love too

every moment is a dance of life 
a pulsating interaction 
and a chance to celebrate 
this loving kindness and how it demonstrates 

a way we can love our self 
as God loves all of life
than we can try to love others 
in the same way we can find

being grateful for the chance to know
that others need a hand each day
so we  turn within and pray 
to share a little kindness for others on path today

so take in a breath of loving kindness 
and see the good you try to do
experience how that truly feels 
and return that love to others too

take a deep breath of gratitude 
for all the blessings that you have
 and let that loving energy be Alive 
and live with aloha in your life