Sunday, February 19, 2017

embrace the good

resist the forces of darkness 

resist those whose egos control

and listen to your hearts true gift

that strength we have to love

you are a force for good my friend 

you hold the secret key

awaken to your inner awareness 

and the infinite possibilities 

too long has it been hidden 

and you've been afraid to even try

it's time to lose the chains of fear

and allow the soul to be revived 

you hold an unlimited force for good

open your eyes and see

you are a beloved child of God

and your dreams can become a reality 

resist those forces of darkness 

let that love you are shine bright

embrace the truth of who you are

and step into the new days light

stand naked in the morning sun

and stretch your arms out wide

do not be afraid my friend 

to embrace your true place in life