Saturday, February 25, 2017

just Fine

Spark the flame of evolution 

breathe in the power of life

you have a chance to be the solution 

the mystic dance of creations rainbow of light

you are the fire of spirit 

burning with an eternal flame 

so let the soul shine forth forever 

and transform the egos game

let the fountain of Inspiration 

purify your heart and mind 

drink in the holy water from heavens garden 

and end that urge for flight or fight 

there is a sense of being 

a place of prayer thats always here 

with the grace of understanding 

that the presence of God is everywhere 

The I am that I am is aware 

that in this moment I am just fine

and in this existence we all experience 

life together here in this space and time

so breathe in the magic of this transforming light

and drink from the fountains sacred waters of life

let the eternal fire of creation burn   

 for the past is just ashes in the funeral urn 

it's time to awaken and finally see 

you are child of Gods love 

with the gift to choose 

to be happy and free