Monday, February 6, 2017

spirit wind

the wind is yelling to be heard

throwing breaths of  cosmic dimensions 

to drive waves across the ocean 

and land in my head

to be encountered with wonder

at the words unheard and unsaid 

just knocking at my door

a memory blessed to be freed

heard from a hidden place in my heart 

with words pleading to be spoken

to be shared to be 

whatever they may become

in this bliss of a story of creation 

do I raise my hand teacher

can you see I have a question 

do you know I already am the answer 

and I can hear your answers 

in this process of living in the world 

tay tay Malkoota

come come now into my soul God

awaken me enough to know the unknown

a lion roaring in the night

that fire he spoke of that burns so bright

burn away the outer shell

of this cocoon I hid in until I could grow 

the wings to fly above the storms

and trust that I can be reborn

into the angel I am in formless form

recreated and venturing forth

into the world in this hungry  breath

to merge with life and all it takes 

to be alive and to be fed

with this spirit sent to me 

from the music of the spheres 

I hear so clearly in the wind in cosmic flight

to now dance with abandon and wildly spin

through infinity in this wild wild wind