Wednesday, February 8, 2017

the list of things to do

in the list of things I have to do 
on the top of the list I put
being with Gods pure truth 
breathing in the living light
that brings this precious life force forth 
the great I am that I am here on Earth 

for amidst all the doing that we do
simply being with this moment is the way 
that I can connect with myself each day
and all the energy of creation of the One
Is in tune with the pure vibration 
the source of all creation 
is inside of me with each breath I take 

being here and being now
in the present with all somehow 
there are no blocks when I just breathe 
just this opening to love and my relationship 
with myself and the life I lead

when I seek God first 
all the rest I can face
as I participate in this awakening grace
of the great I am that I am I pray 
To be present in this moment in time and space