Sunday, March 5, 2017

a higher truth

lord teach me learn to Let go
to allow everything to just Be as it is 
Detaching from the outcomes
so the soul can bridge the abyss

all of the stories and dramas of life 
slip through these bemused tales of time
and the ego wants to dominate 
the what our perception finds 

lord be here with me
each and every moment of the day
be right here in my heart 
and show me the way

allow your divine presence 
to bring me the strength 
to overcome darkness
and find whatever it takes
to be with the Mothers saving grace

May I go within to trust and pray
and when times seem tough 
as sometimes they do
let your spirit guide and get me through

so I can let go of the ego and be
happy with a higher truth 
that gives me the power 
to live with your love eternally