Thursday, March 30, 2017


lord take away all the walls of fear

take away from me all the hatred 

 and that lurking anger of ego that hides

in the hidden corners of my mind that appear

let me erase it all from those thoughts

that limit me and want to fight

the ones who do not understand 

the part of myself that ego will commands

I listen to the voice of light

the inner spirit that guides life

I feel the presence of the flame

the nameless fire that eternally remains

in this life and the one to come

in the transition to serve the Holy one 

the one that lives forever more

that rises up to claim the power

aligned with The holy Mothers mercy

that delivers us to Christ the son

Lord let me just Be with you

and open my heart to your piercing truth

to let good and bad be transformed 

by your mystic alchemy of love I'm reborn

thank you for the patience kindness you bestow

when I am lost and feeling low

I turn to you and reach out my hand

and I know you are always there

 to guide me ever onward

til I can be with you again