Friday, March 10, 2017

your true identity

what is your true identity 

what is it you really seek
what truth are you searching for
what makes you you and so unique 

are you lost out in the wilderness 
is it hard to see the way
are you what's on your drivers license 
or do you have a different face

strip away the many layers 
that cover up the pain
to see what's behind the mask 
and remember your souls at last

Lord help us to let go 
of the illusions that we now can't face
to find a true joy waiting 
with your love and forgiveness to embrace 

to find out true identity 
what resonates with what it takes 
to the life that is right there waiting 
once your ready to truly awake 

shed off the old skin 
purge away the past 
so you can become the new you
and celebrate who you are at last

get down to the roots past the DNA 
to your original identity 
that always was Alive in spirit 
before you came to earth 

God let me identify with you
and all the good you are
you gave me my true identity 
in the name of the father the son
and the Divine Mothers heart