Sunday, April 2, 2017

I Am With You Always

and Jesus said to me

do not Doubt that I am with you

I am here in the moments of Silence 

I am here in the quiet reflections 

I speak to you in many ways

in the times when you ask I have the answers

in every moment when you are afraid

and when you are overwhelmed 

and do not know which step to take

I am here beside you

even if you see me not

Do not limit your expectations of me

For there is no limit to the power of God

And when your cup is empty 

Lift it up to heaven

And I will fill it with my love

I am with you always my friend 

and when you call upon me

stop and take a moment 

to feel my presence with you

to listen to my words of truth

to feel my love surround you

  For I am with you always 

even unto the end of time