Wednesday, June 20, 2018

content input overload 

lifes dream that makes my soul unfold 

 circles in the pond that spiral round and round 

with thoughts on the human race

with each pebble thrown that’s found

trying to reach 

the other side and be free 

always to return here to be 

one step closer to reach into the cosmic place 

with waves and frequencies 

of this magic gift of energy

sometimes speaking from my alter ego

trying to merge it with my heart and soul

it’s more than I can do on my own

so I meditate and dive into the God zone

and there’s more input always waiting there

it molds my being and overcomes my fear

it saves me with a love that lights 

the depths of my minds hidden hemispheres 

til the inner and outer merge to find 

with this breath that gives me life

and a hungry soul to feed my mind 

to find the circles all join in humankind