Monday, June 25, 2018

somewhere between the shadows of blue

 a glimmer of light is now reaching through 

somwhere between the breaths we pause

and stop to wonder at the purpose of it all

can we slip through the sheets of time

between sleep and dreams to find

the spirit that drives the soul and mind

the heart to  forgive the mistakes of mankind

there’s a shifting and a lifting 

of the old chains and ties 

 the dues of the  piper has been paid 

the groundwork is now laid 

and those who’ve delayed 

are called to now play

and say the truth in a new kind of way 

and those old souls 

who are so fearless and brave 

can throw off their chains 

forget their scars and pain 

and shine with the brilliance 

of unfiltered jewels of timeless light

with blessings reflecting Spirit Divine