Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father’s Day

oh those issues with my Father
who left when I was 12 so long ago
the day after Christmas he passed away 
and I spent a lifetime trying understand
why I can’t remember ever getting a hug or kiss
or what I called him  
cause it wasn’t Dad or father 
so I really just don’t know

so I took a picture of him
when he was young 
it's faded somewhat through time
and put  it on the alter place
and I looked deep into his eyes

I can’t hold onto any old resentment 
I really must let it go
for I realize he was doing the best he could
and perhaps he just couldn’t express his love 
there are many guys who can’t let love show  

I know he had a brilliant mind
he built beautiful houses in the Hollywood Hills
and he made money in the stock market
until his heart gave out at an early age

but part of me always felt 
any emotion from him was denied
so I looked for that image of my father
in a similar companion in my life

and I know we must forgive and understand 
that there are so many issues with parents
that can mold our entire lives
and there’s this drive inside we have 
which cannot be denied 
to heal the past and leave it behind

so here we are on Father’s Day 
and I have embraced God as my Father now
and have learnt about Life in oh so many ways
and I hear echoes that won’t go away
to find the good in ourselves and others 
so here today I will pray
to realize my Father was only human
and I love him anyway 

for we all have issues 
that teach us each and every day
and we must forgive ourselves and others 
cause it’s not easy in life to get by 
so we do the best we can 
and we all will make mistakes 
so we see that love is the only way