Friday, July 20, 2018

how far can this thought carry me
how deep is this life’s dream
how strong are the promises I’m married too 
how long is left until we meet 

mystic memories call me
in signs that I can feel
swirling winds from Spirit 
touch me when there is an opening  

i know the secret answers 
are always waiting to be revealed 
past the fears that hold me
the circle will be complete

And so I turn it over
to a Power much greater than me
in name it may be called God
but its so much more than that you see

and how do you put a name 
on the unnamable force of love 
that the creation that life holds forth 
as the mirror of the universe 
dwells right here in our souls 

so hold that deep up reflection 
in the visions that speak in silent dreams
remember the roots of your inheritance 
and honor your life’s true legacy