Wednesday, July 4, 2018

happy Birthday America

long may your spirit live 

and may the flag of freedom fly

even through all these hard times 

the price of the soul of this country

 stands for more than money can buy

and our reputation can easily be lost 

to the rest of the world in the wink of eye 

our flag is torn and tattered 

although it still flies high 

it's stained with the blood of time

from all those who under its banner have died 

I believe there is still hope here to find

 and it’s not found in all the lies 

for the story of this countries values 

has inspired so many throughout time

so on this 242nd Birthday

I look to the young who will fight for truth

and stand up for what’s we need 

for what we need is to be inspired  

and we need to believe in the good

and not be subject to what divides us

we need more love and unity to believe 

in the land of the brave and the home of the free 

happy Birthday America 

let’s take a deep breath and pray

that we can see the good that’s here

as we celebrate this Independence Day