Saturday, July 28, 2018

Lord, grant me the power to believe 
In the faith of the creative spirit.
And to believe in the Spirit that
Is the creative light that can lead and guide me.

And from the Master these words then came..
Believe in the love,
The magnet of life that created you.
To Believe in the holy realm that
Is the home of the masters
Who hold the power to believe.
And in the day of revelation 
When you may see the truth
 Of what you believe
And know the power of The love of creation,
You will remember why you believed.
For the masters believe in you
Even as you believe
And their love is present to guide you 
Even when you have forgotten
The promise to believe.
And when you listen,
You may hear the words that come
In the breath of the distant shore
And when you look,
The veils of heaven will be lifted
So that you may see glimpses of eternity