Wednesday, August 1, 2018

All the seeds planted here with love 

Will blossom in the garden of heaven. 

And in this springtime of your soul, 

You can receive the blessings of that seeding. Feel the goodness that can transform the pain That has controlled your life to let you now begin again, 

And bring you a higher love that grows and brings 

The joy of living and feeling God again. 

For when you choose God to feel good, 

All of the old ways that have led you and used you 

Can come to the light of a new day 

To feel creation’s springtime blossoming today. In this springtime of your turning from dark to light 

You can walk in the garden of delight. 

You can transmute the energy that has held the power 

Turn to a higher channel in your darkest hour And love can lead you out of darkness to light Where you have a chance to create what is right. The wind changes may be felt in your heart 

And the words of secrets may be heard. 

For the song of the breaking of the new dawn is here 

And those who have waited for you so long are near. 

And you may not see the blossoms that bloom in heaven above, 

But you may breathe in their fragrance with love. 

For somewhere as the sands of time 

Fall through the hourglass of space 

What is known as a higher love 

Shall be known below as above. 

For all the seeds that are planted here on Earth 

Will blossom in the springtime with your rebirth. 

And in the garden of heaven such blessings bring A new light 

that gives birth to much greate