Saturday, August 4, 2018

Today is the beginning of a day 

That has no beginning or end, 

this moment of  love is never ending

 and you are held in Gods hands my friend

Love is the great healer 

And with love you hold the key

to the process of believing, 

so your heart and soul can be set free

 And belief opens the door to the light

that illuminates the soul 

As you find purpose in life

so you can get past the drama and grow

The soul is the living Spirit of love, 

Holding the flame of love Within 

the essence of its being is found 

so you can begin to live again

You are part of the heart of God’s being 

And when your in tune with the soul you know

there is no beginning or end in spirit

As In this endless emerging into infinity we go

so share the infinite love 

That brings life to the seeds you throw 

on the path has no beginning or end

As from this dream you awaken

from the great unknown