Saturday, August 18, 2018

Simply say "Yes" to the Infinite Love

That the Christ spirit radiates,

And let it unfold within your heart.

For in this perfect moment of allowance, 

The love that is the spirit of God is waiting, 

In an infinite field of perfect energy.

We can meet there and bring

The love that is within us

Into our hearts and souls, into our very being. This love is my love, and God’s gift to you.

This love is your teacher and your guide, 

This love is a precious jewel,

And it causes the light that you are to shine, With the brilliance of a thousand suns.

This love is the perfect flower that blossoms, And intoxicates your senses so that you are lifted To the garden of Heaven.

This love is the Truth of God, and it is my truth.

Would you behold the joy that this love brings? Would you put a price on a love such as this? And how would you celebrate this love

That is given to you unconditionally and freely? Would you say Yes to this love?

Would you allow yourself to believe in this love? Would you open up your heart and soul

To this love that God is and I am?

For you are this love,

And I am alive as the Christ in this love.

This love is waiting for you to open the door to your heart, 

And say "Yes" to the love that is right there within you.

Embrace this love, breathe in this precious love, 

And let its flame burn bright with the Eternal Light That will guide you and lead you

To find the Way, the Truth and the joy,

In this perfect now moment, when you choose

The love that I am and you are.