Friday, September 14, 2018

Prayers, Affirmations and Meditation 
Is out and wanted to share my progress 
my new book is finally here
and it’s hard to try to understand 
what’s going on with Createspace  
as they disappear in to Kdp land

all this editing and formatting
all the details that it takes
makes it hard without a person
to help figure out the how to fix 
the problems of extra blank pages 
and page numbers that don’t correlate 

birthing a book takes some patience i know 
and someone to help with edit skills
and a friend who can format 
and hold your hand as your scream at will

but it does eventually it gets done
and then off to marketing you must run
and there’s the press release you need 
and you should have a video to compete

and who can you beg to do a review
most everyone you know 
is tired of saying nice things 
or don’t understand why it’s so important to you

and I had laugh to today
when a Facebook friend did say
what’s your next project anyway 
cause I’m already getting ready to do
the audio book version too