Saturday, September 22, 2018

How do you hold this precious jewel
the  Diamond that your heart holds?
Do you feel the spirit of the soul 
That burns away the fear we know?

How do you let your life truly shine, 
And allow it to be
A true reflection of the cosmos Spinning throughout infinity?

You are part of stars of such great light
A precious jewel that shines so bright,
You are a reflection of God's Love Divine Breathing in tune to the secrets still undefined. 

Release and forgive what cannot be told,
Let this healing come to show.
This precious diamond of the soul 

Calls your heart to blossom and grow.
And sometimes life can reveal
If you can just try to believe, 
There is an exquisite beauty to see
 This priceless gift given for free.

Just this thing we call Love Divine
That we always seek for and try to define, 
This jewel in our heart of God's Great Light