Saturday, October 20, 2018

there are things that can change you

although they don’t often come along

there’s a time when lightening and thunder

warn you of someone passing on

there are traces of Spirit light

that fly through the sky

and omens and signs

that capture our mind

and we can turn our head

and maybe try to hide

but we can’t escape reality

no matter how hard we try

and so I ask my heart 

to reach deep into that part

that is hiding and torn apart 

to open and have the courage 

to find the beauty of that spark

of the fire of Spirit 

to ignite it with Gods understanding 

and i pray to let go 

to face the changes life shows 

I need the strength of my soul 

there are these moments 

that come where we can somehow face

whatever comes our way

with the gift of Gods saving grace