Monday, October 22, 2018

the dancing tree of love
holds a salmon pink cloud
and the free calling of a multitude of doves
that ask me to step outside 
and to listen and just be
while the candle waits for me 

thousands of candles have been lit
while I watched just waiting 
for the presence of spirit 
to come and speak with light of it

but now it’s time to catch the wind
and dance with the trees 
and try to soak it all in
with the colors of the clouds 
and the flame that speaks my name

and somewhere here
between the words 
and the flame that burns
my soul is greeting me
with the smile of sweet infinity

and I must fit my life into the day
and chase these morning clouds away
as I try to find the time to pray 
that I can become that essence 
of all the soul has to say