Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Do not turn away

the power of who you are is great 

Accept the gift of your inner strength

And embrace the core of your hearts fate

there’s the grace that saves us 

from the anger and frustration we face

that we see alive in the human race

there’s a torch we can hold forth

that gets us back on track

and let go of the past

to make room for the good

the truth of God inside of you

and the storms may come 

and they will go

and the times may sometimes seem hard

but you  will learn and grow

and be sculpted by the winds of time

into the form that Spirit shows 

for you are a reflection of that one light

a mirror that can shine on earth 

even through the darkest night

that illuminates the sight 

to see the universal source so bright

to bring evolution that we need

to unfold the higher plan of being

and I know eventually 

we will be greeted 

by the love that we need 

and we will smile and see

the greater purpose that sets us free