Thursday, October 4, 2018

if I am one with the universe

what part of me do I choose  to be

what manifestation of the dream 

fits inside this limited personality 

why put any limitations 

on what we can perceive 

when I am in this life on earth with you

and you are somehow here at the same time 

sharing this mutual energy

 we both breathe in to be 

if I throw off any judgement 

if I release any definition in my mind

of what I think I am

and what I expect is my role in life

if for just this moment

we could really try to find

the truth of this infinity 

that carries us in space and time

if we choose to experience 

what we are really here for 

and discover what our purpose really is 

we can perceive the one universal light 

if I am that I am

is what I am

And that Same I am is God 

living in All humankind 

we can share this moment of recognition 

that we each experience in life

the miracle of Spirits breath

and the blessing of being alive