Tuesday, October 9, 2018

there’s a line consequences 
for everything we do 
and the one who puts it into action
is the energy of thought 
behind what we believe is true

an act of kindness 
and the gifts of love can reap
creates the ability to find happiness 
the source of what our life can mean

we are co-creators of Gods symphony 
we are the ones who write the words
that express our take and vision 
on what this life can be

some aim high
some aim low
some don’t care anymore 
and in time that will all show

but at the heart of us all
there’s this seed of love
 that so begs to grow
it’s fed by Spirit’s light 
and brought here by our soul

and when we recognize 
the master of the muse 
and the teacher of our truths 
we set into motion the opening 
that opens the door to our great awakening 

and the gates to higher reality
are opened wide so we can see
the higher reasons for being here
and Blessings that God love brings