Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Once a year we take a day
To bow our heads and say
Thank you for the many blessings
That we have received and we pray.
We have so much to be grateful for,
But we are always working so hard
We forget To say “thank you” to all the ones
Who help us every day.
It really helps to appreciate
All the blessings in our lives,
Our friends, our loved ones and our family
All play their roles and do their part.
So we take a day to pause
And gather our loved ones near
And we celebrate the bounty
In our lives and all that help us here.
And we thank God for Divine grace
That saves us in more ways than we know
And the gift of this precious Creation
And for this Earth that feeds us and what it bestows.
And we remember an attitude of gratitude
Makes our burdens lighter and it shows
That we should really say “thank you” and appreciate
The many blessings from all the seeds we sow.
And it might be a good idea
To start every single day
And end each night before we sleep
To say “Thank you, God” for the gifts we reap.