Tuesday, February 12, 2019

oh we go
to the limits of what we know
til we break free of our shell
and ask ourselves just how
we can go farther still
until we find there no limitations 
except our fear
and as we look for answers to appear
and some guidance we might use
we find it all still come backs to you
and what you wish to really choose

yet it’s all just a learning game
this planet that will always change
while it turns round and round in space
giving us this miraculous energy 
that reflects Creations face

and if we can stop for  a moment 
and breathe in the magic of each day
we can find the souls embrace
giving us the courage to hope
and share our cares
with others who may need it here

and there is really no escape
and so everyday I pray  
we find nothing holding us back 
as we try our best along the way 
how to love and live with the human race