Wednesday, March 6, 2019

we keep it going

with each breath we breathe

with each milestone we reach

with each moment we are complete 

we keep it going

we move we change

we remain the same

we call out for the fire

of Gods eternal flame

a game changer we can claim

when we realize 

it’s all the same

just different places and names

but all under the one life’s domain 

where  we have to live and pray

to stop sometimes and face

the power of this heart of grace

that can give us this amazing strength

to keep it going

ever growing

each day given a way to listen

to a greater power within us

to reveal the truth 

in time and space

to keep on going

long enough to accept the knowing 

that it's all beyond controlling

just this eternal moment

draped in a mystical multilayered space

billions of light fragments mirrored

reflections of Spirit in the human race