Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Lord and Mother of the Light,

Lead me to believe so that I might see 
​The opening of Spirit awaiting me,

In the radiant beauty in Heaven's fields.

There are fields of Gold and fields of Green 

All shining in their own astral dreams, 

Fields of Promise from the past

Let my spirit be free to be there at last.

And when my body is ready to be done,

And the earth and it’s lessons can be viewed from the soul, 

May I be able to release the hold this earth has had

And see the opening that now appears

And what awaits with my journey there.

Let the Angels be here with me

For the Guardians at the Gate await at the opening, And there is a great light that shines forth the Way 

To a new a brighter place to stay.

And with the grace of awakening

There is such a gratitude felt that can set us free, And when the time comes to say farewell

And fly with wings of angels on high.

To a new beginning in a brighter light,

To the realms of heaven

That await my sight,

To the fields of Glory lit by the Mother's eyes.

Lord, let your love guide me

In whatever comes my way,

May I be guided by the Highest Good 

This I now do pray.