Wednesday, July 17, 2019

I’ve always been a loner

answering to an inner fire

never sought the acceptance 

accept by God inside

but lately I’ve realized

how much we all are part 

of this life’s existence 

all joined there inside our hearts

we are all breathing in 

the same energy of life

each doing their own thing

but it’s not that different 

than the one great life dream

so we share our stories 

and find some similarities

though the outer circumstances differ

the same threads of life are there

woven into a million tapestries 

in this grand scheme in time

creating Mayas fantasy  

beyond all sense or rhyme

drawing us into the drama

letting us play our role

trying to understand our purpose 

 all trying to reach our own goals

you hold up your end 

of the unspoken bargain 

I’ll do my best to hold up mine

and somewhere in the middle 

we might create what we need to find