Monday, July 29, 2019

Heaven on earth 

Where do you hold the secrets

That tell you how to find

The way to reach your heart and mind,

And return this love divine?

The mother watches over you

shes always there when you pray

The paradise of Heaven is now available every day

Taste it, touch it, feel it, look and don’t turn back.

The magnet of the heart of love

Is more than we can find

In just one person place or thing,

Yet here it all resides.

What you hold on to

Is just a part of the whole,

Of an infinite light and eternal love

That catches you when you let go.

Find this truth, this light that calls

To your name and mine.

Move into the way of God’s

Heart of hearts divine.

Breathe in peace, breathe in joy,

And then let's journey on.

The path has still a way to go,

The time is here to decide

To be within the heart of love.”

Excerpt From

Angel Blessings

Rev. Cindy Paulos

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