Friday, August 2, 2019


in the depths of each heart

are the seeds of truly caring

with an innocence that shines

and sees the hidden hope for good is still alive 

caring for those who are lost 

and seeking to be redeemed 

by understanding the challenges 

of being human and all that means

still caring for the broken ones

who have stopped believing 

and strike out in the darkness 

that their tragic fear that reveals

how much they are really needing 

someone to feel what the do feel

but still there are candles burning 

and ones who wish to find a way

to bring more love into humanity 

and to right the wrongs that on society weigh

there are millions who are serving 

each in their own way

who try to work with kindness 

and to help bring about more good each day

and when we care lets show it 

May goodwill guide what we do and say

and May the grace at the heart of caring

help bring compassion to our world I pray