Wednesday, September 25, 2019

ripple effects from the cosmos 

planetary waves of light

a focus on what’s at the core

of the current perception 

of what is wrong and right

so many pebbles are thrown 

into the water of life

so many circles have spread 

to reach us in these waves of time 

and we are the pebble 

we are the wave 

we are the one who can be

 a receiver of this energy

we are the transformer 

that seeks to perceive

messages transmitted 

from a distant space 

from the promise of a future race 

we are the pool

reflecting back the light 

and we can feel

how it effects 

our focus here in life 

in the pause between each breath

in the shadow that relents 

to how our time is spent

is the core of what is here meant 

behold the cause of the dream

behold the dreamers mystery 

and throw your self into feeling 

with the passion of your hearts meaning 

for you have the power

to be able to receive

the light behind creation 

alive in you right now 

in a moment of meditation