Friday, September 6, 2019

If I were to speak 

I would have the voice of your heart

 to light the words 

and The Company of a band of angels to carry the sound of light

 for their radiance 

can bring the Awakening of joy

 That lets the heart hear the words of truth. 

In truth there is no sorrow or darkness

 in the love that is God‘s love

There is only great beauty 

and the fulfillment of the union of ultimate love with the joining of the source of all energy

 with creation here on earth. 

Oh to hold the light of the one 

who knows the power and the beauty 

only the heart of love can Carry

That torch so very bright.

Only the heart that is at peace with God 

can find the Christ within 

for the self is born of such a light

 in such a love 

greater far than that the mind can comprehend 

when the thoughts have been released 

to the mind of God 

And you experience the enlightened consciousness 

then understanding can open the door 

to allow the directions of the minds guides

 to hear me and believe me 

as I would know you 

as I am with you loving you as your creator

 as I am the source of love 

and the light of lights 

I would have you know me 

understanding my way 

So you may loving me with the joy 

As your true purpose 

As a messenger of Hope

With the love they can unite the world. 

There is such a path there are those who would choose to walk on this path

 and journey with the angels of the Lord 

and you are not alone 

You’re always in the company 

of the silent it ones 

he would guard the way on your journey

  even when you feel alone and lost 

without the remembrance of your heritage 

Fear not. 

I am with you always 

and the time will come 

when the ones who have waited 

will find you 

and you will be reunited in love 

for now bring these words 

to those who understand. 

And bring your self to the greater light 

and see and feel in love

 the life that God would bring 

To the ones to work for the light of the world


that light of the accompanies

The sun the moon the stars the universe and the radiance of the world. 

Know the source of this light

 and the purpose of creation is found in love. 

How great is this love. 

It will always find you and welcome home

. How great is this power 

it is so much more 

than the subtle mind and comprehend. 


your heart would know it

As the Christ would find reason

And the Masters would join in the secret place to bring the world together 

to find this place 

Beyond space of time 

and within the heart of creation 

there I am 

 with you always

In love