Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Reclaim the trail

of a thousand steps

in a silent prayer 

that was Left unsaid

Find a way to the sacred land

listen to the rivers sound 

where the plants find shelter

under the ancient trees so tall that stand 

 we always find a way somehow 

To reach our inner needs and goals

Even if sometimes

we have to let some things go 

There is some calling of our destiny

Although it’s hard to really see

Guardian Angels are standing by

and keep a protective eye over you and me 

There is this magic energy 

In the sacred paths true way

an inner presence that redeems us 

with the grace of Gods loving presence

when we meditate and pray

and we can reclaim our path

and redeem our faith

we can find a way 

out of the forest 

to the bight light of a brand new day