Friday, October 11, 2019

I started seeing auras when I was 16

But not the colors

I see light auras that form energy and patterns 

Each different 

I believe in the astral realms we see more auras...

we are all creating art

with our thoughts and what we say

we are swirling fields of energy

that carry etheric forces into play

we have these colorful fields of energy

our auras project and display

as living moving sculptures

that merge with other beings

we come into contact with each day

and yes, all of life has auras

as does nature and all beings it’s true

we are vibrant fields of different frequencies

that interact in here on earth and in heaven too

so create your aura with good energy

and with the loving energy 

be a radiant rainbow of light

that's a beautiful as the sunrise you see

for you are great force of blessed energy