Sunday, November 17, 2019

let the beauty of love be alive 

In what we see

and what we meet 

facing this moment

with a welcome for what it brings 

can all the hurts and wrongs

be released from the prison

of resentment 

you have placed them in

to be forgiven as you are

by the silent one who watches

and prays for you 

to be finally freed

to fly into that moment of clarity  

and then 

what is left to be

but just this heart 

that accepts the pain 

as a symptom of being alive

and discovers understanding in finding

we learn and live 

without the need for an umbrella 

to protect us from the sun and rain

we can experience this life

and welcome a new day

with an open heart 

that is unafraid 

as the silent teacher bows 

at the miracle of grace