Thursday, January 30, 2020

Sometimes I start to judge

and wonder why

people do hurtful things 

it’s so hard to understand  

the how’s and why’s 

and if I decide

to try justify

how upset I get 

when I don’t like 

what is done and said 

I just repeat in my head

we’re all just doing the best we can 

each person is just human 

here to learn and understand 

who is to judge 

who can figure out Gods plan

so we all just lend a hand 


we’re all just doing the best we can 

little by little

day be day 

each just getting by

and figuring out a way 

to live with more kindness 

to see the other side 

to walk in the shoes of the other 

for just a short while 

who’s to judge 

who can say 

what each person faces 

and challenges that come their way 

so remember not to spread the hate

and take the time to relate

each of us has hard things on our plates

seeking to overcome our bad traits 

thank God for forgiveness 

Fir that I do pray 

for He knows what it takes 

and we’re all trying each day

tryin to fit in to this world in some way

So let this be your mantra

And remember how to play the game 

We’re all just human understand

We’re all doing the best we can