Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Springs Call

Oh Precious Light of being
That comes as a breath from the Creator of all
  with the coming of Spring 
we here the sound of loves call

And with each prayer there is a hope
Of a heart wishing to be found
And sometimes we find a way to believe
And discover it is here right now

And sometimes we wish upon a star
And believe that are worthy to be heard
And we find the power to love ourselves
and the miracle we truly are

for there is this precious light of being
and as we live we  find the spirit present here
in each moment we can discover
how to learn to love it all

So open up your heart
And find the power to believe
We are the precious light of being
That is alive with every breath we breathe

So take the time to see how precious we really are
For we are miracles of God’s creation
And we are so blessed have this gift of life
For we are flowers of God’s garden

And with the breath of the Creator
We are redeemed to a better life
And we breathe that breath
And call upon that light

To open up our heart and sing  loves song
For spring is here
And with this new light
we can find  a way to love again.