Monday, March 17, 2014

I feel the Goodness of God

Right Here, Right Now
In this very moment I feel the Goodness
 of God’ s Presence alive within  me
And I feel the power set my spirit free

I hold the love close and breathe it
So deep into my heart of hearts
I let it fill me up to give me
the strength to share it and impart

For this goodness of God’s Presence
Is alive right there in my Soul
And as I embody this goodness
There is a part of me that grows

Into the flower of God’s great love
With blossoms of living light
 to share it wherever I go.

And the very fragrance of its essence
Can bring about he grace to be
The living gift of God’s great presence
That is always alive inside me

Right Here, Right Now
A smile comes to my face
And I smile that smile at you
And it lights the fire in my heart
With a glow of what is true

And I take a moment to be thankful
For that feeling God’s love brings
For in this very Moment
Gods’ Loving presence is alive in everything