Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fully Present

May you choose to be fully present
With every breath you take
For the soul holds a presence you can be with
That you can bring into what you say and do

May you open up your heart
And let it blossom to the love
That is always right there waiting
as a priceless gift that means so much

There is a light that is shining
With this presence in your life
It comes from the eternal one
And it guides you to what’s right

And in the presence of this power
That is there in side of you
You can be illumined
To the truth to see what you need to do

For the light that shines forth
Like a candle in a cave
And the soul will brighten up the darkness
And bring you blessings on your way

So light a candle,
And breathe in the light
And let it come into your heart
With a presence that ignites

The love that is always there
Is waiting for you to claim
When you are fully present
To God’s presence everyday.