Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Perch to Find Heaven

Let me lead you to the perch to heaven
Where you can swing open heaven’s door
So you can find the blessings waiting
While still here on the other side of the shore

And you can hear the distant voices
Of the heavenly choir
and the songs the angels sing
and you may sing along

And there is a bell that tolls
That celebrates this place
It calls us upon the pathway
To learn to live with love today

And from the perch to heaven
There is a light that shines
It is so radiant in its glory
It shines through the heart and mind

And you can remember your true purpose
And the reason that you came to Earth
To share this light and love with others
So they can remember their purpose
And the true value of their worth

And you can find the perch to heaven
Right there within your soul
And you can open the doors to heaven
When you let God’s Love be in control

And you will find great blessings are there for you
When you just go inside
For the soul is the perch to heaven
and God’s unconditional love is there for you find.