Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Transforms

I awaken the transformation power of love within
And I feel it alive in me this first day of Spring
And I am open to receive this blessing
And all that it may bring

For my body  and mind are a holy temple
Of God’s living  love and light
And I am the vehicle and I embraces it
and honors it in the way I live my life

And my mind is in tune with the universe
And the one power that exists within
And I am able to receive this energy
Into my life to co-create with God and live

The Purpose I came for is alive in my heart and soul
And it is my destiny to bring it forth and know
That I can be transformed by the power of Spring
And enjoy the abundance of blessings it brings

And the gifts of God’s blessings are infinite
And alive in everyone and everything
As I listen to my heart and follow my path
And am grateful to be alive and able to receive

For love is here in my heart
And it is more powerful than the fear
And I will follow that love in my life
To express and share it to those far and near

 For we can be reborn
And find our wings and find
We are the living light of God’s love
 It it has the power to transform everything