Friday, March 21, 2014

Real Power is True Power

Real Power
 Real power is many things
 It is creating happiness and Joy and sharing it
 Real power is finding that power within and not needing to get it from others
Real power transforms problems into solutions and lessons learned
Real power understand when the ego is reacting and how to deal
with it from a win-win solution
Real power is being able to let go when a situation does not serve you
Real power know is knowing your true gifts and how to use them
Real power is being able to accept change and grow with the changes
Real Power is being to see and understand the good with every Situation.
Real power recognizes true power
 True Power comes the One source of all
True power is love and the understanding and how to use that love in life
True power serves your true purpose and so helps to make you a better person and the world a better world.
 Embrace your real true power and without fear
Choose to use your power with love to fulfill the true power that you have within and so fulfill your destiny.