Saturday, March 22, 2014

Your Destiny

In this Now moment find the power of God within
And accept the truth of who you are
There is no need to hide or delay
For this is the time to seize your opportunity
To Own your life and live your love
And so fulfill your destiny

Why wait til the very last minute
To get the most important things done
Why put off facing your self
And to believe enough to carry on

Do not doubt yourself
Do not worry about what will come to be
For in this now moment you have the choice make
To clear the past and set yourself free

you can find a way
to create what you need
To live the life of your dreams
And find the power to seize this precious day
For there are legions of angels, masters and guides
Right there with you
to help you to find the way.

So seize this very moment
And decide to use this time
To get back on the track
to use the gifts of God inside

for this is the time to live your life dream
and you will always find a way
to do what it takes to create what it is you need

call  in the presence and call in the light
call upon the angels and the master of your life
the one who has the power
to live the life you love and be free