Sunday, March 23, 2014

You are the Living Light

Invoke the Living Light of Spirit
Into the depths of your soul
Invite the Living love of Christ
Into your heart to use loving kindness as you go

You have the power to be who you are
And you have to courage to be
Able to live the life you want
And to fulfill your purpose and destiny

Invite the presence to be with you
And let it be your Partner in Life
With each and every breath you take
There are blessings of brilliant light

Let the Blessings bring you Joy
And allow yourself believe
You are the living presence on Earth
Of God’ s loving energy

You have the gift of grace
And the chance to open to the heart of hearts
And if you need some help on the way
There are so many angels to call on for support

Life does not need to be a constant struggle
So allow some peace to come to your mind
And with all of precious gifts your given
You will be able to serve humankind.