Monday, March 24, 2014

A reason for Being

Being Human

Being human  we are alive with spirit in form
With pure energy that lives and breathes as soon as it is born
we are the living breath of creation
connected with the One source of all Energy which is love.

We have responsibility for our creations
and when we take to consciously connect with God
we can work together as co-creators and use that energy
and inform our form with the Light of being
that is alive within our hearts and souls
to become this miraculous living spirit
manifesting as a pure being into the experience of life

Living, Breathing, loving, learning, thinking and growing
With each breath and every moment creating
And choosing how we wish to be here in this very moment.

Yet, if we are unaware of our connection to source
We have cut off our awareness of the power
That feeds our hearts and souls and reason for being.
And without that connection we are like vehicles that
Have not been plugged in to charging station                                             
And we will find our power cord unplugged
And that we are running on empty

And if we do not fill our lives with inspiration
We miss the opportunity to bring spirit into our lives
 living with love is the energy that we can use to bring spirit to form
and when we live with that energy of love
 we are connected to the one source of all life
for love carries the presence of spirit.

Love is our power source that gives life meaning
so bring the presence God’s love into your life
choose to consciously be connected to the Power source of all life
and give your life a reason meaning for being alive.