Tuesday, March 25, 2014

the Master Path

The Masters Path

The sun breaks through  to our heart and we can see
All the miracles created by our needs
And the beauty of this dance
we have been given with creations dream

And we have breakthroughs when we find
all the lessons time reveals
When we allow the greatness of God
To shine though our soul and enlighten our mind

And we find the strength to trust in the process
 and all the risks we need to take
if we wish to create a true authentic life
with the power of the I am that I am

Without fear of consequence
Overcoming the ego’s seduction with a smile
We follow the path and are guided by our teachers
And the power of God directing our way of life

And we learn so many lessons
Which we share with these teachings everyday
with the words our soul gives us
to help others find the way

and the sun breaks through and we can see
this exquisite Beauty of Creation Dream
we observe the Ego’s dance throughout the dark and light
and we show others how to follow the path
to live with Divine love in their life.

And we bow to our partner
And this entrancing dancing dream
And find that we have such  gratitude
For all the blessings this life brings