Thursday, March 27, 2014

this gift of life

Let God’s love work through you
 and with you to  become a co-creator
and a true servant of the one  
and so express your purpose in life

Over and Over you waken to this brilliant light
That goes on forever without end
And you are given this day
to emerge, to learn and to love and to grow

to find who are you each day
this vehicle of the body, this mind and soul
made from the dust of the stars.
all that you are that makes the whole

What is your true face
behind the mask you made
Can you find your original face
when you look in the mirror of time and space

can you see the love that you really are
in the eyes of the beloved one
can you recognize that heart waiting to be revealed
can you cherish and protect that child of God inside
Hoping to be given a chance to be set free

Can you even imagine the power
Of God’s love alive inside you
Begging to be heard
Waiting to emerge and be seen

Can you feel the light of the sun
And the pure energy of this miracle of being
Pumping through your heart
Singing in your soul

All here with the presence of spirit
And your true nature asking you to believe
Asking you to listen and celebrate this life
So the pure energy of love in you can grow
And be given and shared and received
so in this now moment you really know
how precious this gift of life really is
and have gratitude for the blessings that life shows