Friday, March 28, 2014

When the mind in spinning

When the Mind is spinning way to fast
Faster than the Earth does turn
It’s time to stop and listen
To the silence inside and learn

To be in this now moment
To be in the presence of the light
To be aware of this now moment
With all the love supporting all of life

To take a breath and let it be
To stop and let the soul smile
And be present in the Divine presence
That makes life worth while
Life and spirit can be in Harmony
When we go into the center
To the heart of the circle
To the source of the soul and breathe

And Listen in the silence
To the song of life that is heard
And find the power at the core
Of the one source that feeds every word

So when the mind is spinning
Way to fast to be
Present in this now moment
Take a deep breath and let your self be free